Amazon Giveaway Guru 14k case study

I’m About To Reveal One Of My Most Closely Guarded “Secret-Methods” To Building A Massive List Of Rabid Fans So You Can Rock Your Next Book Launch…

Here’s What I’ve Got For You Today

I call it…

“The 14k Case Study And Giveaway Guru Training Program”

It’s a quick 45-page PDF, and it’s broken down into three parts…

The first part is a detailed case study showing one test that ran over a 14-week period and netted $14,913.78 in royalties.

Part two is detailed training on the promotional method I used (the one that worked too well) in the “case study test”. It focuses on showing you the reason the whole thing went so viral.

Then, in Part Three I walk you by the hand, step-by-step, through the process of setting up your own promotional campaign… complete with detailed instructions, screen shot pictures, and illustrations.

Think about how your life would change if you had just a few successful books out there selling a combined total of only 50 or 100 copies a day with each book netting you anywhere from $2-7 per copy sold!


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