Commission Hijacker

Discover The Underground Method for Leveraging Massive Commissions as an Affiliate That  ANYONE Can Do.

What is Commission HiJacker?

Commission HiJacker is an easy but highly effective affiliate marketing strategy that we’ve used over and over to leverage massive commissions. It typically achieves conversions 50% – 100% higher than other methods that we’ve tested (and we test a lot at the Special Cash Ops HQ.)

You use this strategy to boost your commissions on any kind of product, you can use it to generate a new level of buzz and excitement, even on older products that aren’t currently in ‘launch’. This means no competition and a better payday for you.

Putting this strategy to work will only take 30 minutes to an hour longer than your usual promotional efforts. In fact for some of you it will take less time because you’re going to see exactly how we do it and frankly we’re lazy and take shortcuts galore.

This strategy need not cost you a penny either, you can do it with the existing tools you own (assuming you have the usual things a marketer has like a method of doing a web page)

This system does make the assumption you’re not a total affiliate virgin. We haven’t wasted time making a video showing simple shit that you could just google if you needed to. We also don’t go in depth on stuff like where to get traffic or build a list. There’s a ton of resources out there that can show you that.


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